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Ayurveda Courses


Learning with us

Learning ayurveda courses in Delhi at Astha Ayurveda is very easy and with very nominal fee. 

  • Theory classes and Practicals conducted by Experienced Post graduates in Ayurveda with personal attention to each student
  • No extra Cost for Study material for all students in form of printed notes for each ayurveda course.
  • Discount on Ayurveda detoxification and rejuvenation treatment at our centre in delhi during the pratical training
  • No hidden charges for oils or herbs used during the practical training.
  • Supportive and friendly staff.
  • Assistance in arranging accomodation in nearby good hotels as per your budget.


A). Basic Certificate Course in Ayurveda – For Beginners                     7 Days


Purpose: This programme help us understand the science of Ayurveda, its Mind- Body- Soul and other principles and specialties which one can adopt to keep himself conscious and healthy.


Ø       Understanding Ayurveda – (A complete way of Life, Various definitions, Eight specialized branches etc)

Ø       Basic Principles of Ayurveda- (Discussing Panchmahabhoot, Tridoshas, Subdoshas, Dhatus, Malas in detail)

Ø       Digestion & Metabolism - (Importance of Sattvik food, Concept of Jatharagni, Dhatvagni, Ahar pak, Ama etc)

Ø       Specialties of Ayurveda - (Prakruti, Rasayana, Basics of Pulse diagnosis, Panchkarma etc ) 


 B). Advanced Certificate Course in Ayurveda- For Inquisitives 14 Days


Purpose: This course aims to quench the thirst of enthusiastic in Ayurveda. It deals more deeply into basic principles and incorporates Diagnosis, Treatment, Medicine Manufacturing and Panchkarma therapies. 


         Ø      Understanding Ayurveda –( a complete way of Life, Various definitions, Eight specialized branches, Importance of diet, Sleep and Sex, Natural urges, Mind Body Soul concept etc.)

Ø       Basic Principles of Ayurveda- (Discussing Panchmahabhoot, Tridoshas, Subdoshas, Dhatus, Malas, Strotas, koshtha, Dincharya, Ritucharya in detail)

Ø       Digestion & Metabolism - (Importance of Sattvik food, Concept of Jatharagni, Dhatvagni, Ahar pak, Ama etc.)

Ø       Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics- (5 basic formulations in details with practical, Ras shastra (herbal Alchemy)

Ø       Diagnosis in Ayurveda – (Pathogenesis, Basic methodology, types of examinations, Detailed Pulse Diagnosis, Common home remedies)

Ø       Specialties of Ayurveda- ( Prakriti, Rasayana,  Home remedies, Pulse diagnosis, Panchkarma etc ) 


 C). Baby n Mother Care through Ayurveda-                                              7 & 14 Days

Purpose: This course is intended to help the new Mothers and Health workers to learn total care of newborn child and post natal women as prescribed by Ayurveda and as practiced in India for thousand of years. Some very practical tips about massage and home remedies make this course superior to any other course offered on same topics.


1.       Introduction to new born massage, its benefits etc

2.       Poorva karma (pre massage theory )

Indicated  oils/ materials

Preparation of baby n environment for massage etc

3.       Pradhan karma ( the actual trick of massage)

The positions

Different strokes

Special procedures on different organs and their importance

4.       Paschat karma ( post massage procedures)

traditional baby bathe




 vatna procedure

chaata preparation etc     



5.     The common health issues and home remedies for newborns.

6.       Massage in toddlers and description of some reflexology/marma points

7.       Post natal conduct, care , complication and management through Ayurveda



D). Marma Massage – Theory and Practical Training                              7 & 14 Days

Purpose: Marmas are the Vital points in Human Body, as described in detail by Ayurveda. Many techniques on these vital points are effective to Heal the Body, Prevent and Cure the Health problems. This programme is beneficial for people interested in energizing the body and managing common health problems of themselves and their dear ones.


  1. Introduction and Basics of Ayurveda
  2. Introduction to theory of Marmas and Marma Massage
  3. Locations of important Marmas in the body
  4. Techniques of Various procedures on Marma and their importance
  5. Preparation of medicines used for Marma Techniques


E). Ayurveda Course in Prevention & Life Style Disorder Management 14 Days

Purpose: Life style disorders like Hypertension, Obesity, Lipid Disorders, Allergies, Sleep disorders and Diabetes etc are growing rapidly due to our fast but faulty life-style. Understanding Ayurveda view on the Life style, Routine, Diet and prevention, can help us prevent and manage these disorders holistically.  


  1. Introduction to concept of Prevention in Ayurveda
  2. Importance of Digestion and Dietetics in Ayurveda
  3. Dincharya, Ritucharya, Swastha vritta, Achar Rasayana
  4. Panchakarma and Rasayana therapy for Life style disorders.
  5. Common Life Style disorders and their management (Through Home remedies, common medicines Marma therapy, Yoga, Meditation and Panchkarma procedures)


F). Customized Training Programme – Tailor- made       Duration: as per your need 

Purpose: It is very well customized as per your needs. You may request to learn details about particular topics of your choice.

An example of customized programme :

18 days Schedule on Ayurveda basics/Panchkarma/ Cooking and Yoga & Meditation






Full Body Massage + Full Body Steam



Shirodhara + Mukhlepa


Meditation (Theory and practice) + Idli preparation


Chanting + Pranayam+Almond Syrup preparation


Kati vasti+ Shiro vasti


Dalia + Khichari preparation+ Surya Namaskar


Netra tarpan+ Karn pooran+Pulaao preparation


Pottali sek+Chanting


Rose conserve + Dal preparation (krit and akrit)


Different chapatis + Paranthas preparation


2 chatney- (pudina & mango) + Poha preparation


Rice bundle massage+ Meditation +Saktu preparation


Different sprouts+ Home remedies for common illness


Basics of Ayurveda – Vata , Pitta , Kapha & Prakruti


Diet plan for vata, Pitta & Kapha Prakruties+ Herbal Tea


Seasonal regimen + Surya Namaskar


Shoirodhara+ Meditation practice


Full body massage + Full body steam


Ø       The training is for 3 hours/day

Ø       Certificate will be issued on successful completion of all subjects training

Ø       Printed notes in English are available.

Ø       Panchakarma ,Yoga  and Meditation will be conducted only on the trainee.

Ø       Accommodation & Meals charges are excluded from this package.

 Feel free for any enquiry regarding clarification about course content, booking and fee etc. you can mail us at asthaayurveda@gmail.com and madaan.suman@gmail.com